The bitter eviction of premature seeds.

A text by Francis Ponge automatically translated from French to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

Hemana twenty-three times

I’ve been here for a few weeks and I start grasping certain things about the language spoken by the locals. The first thing is the name: “Humala”, which defines the language and those who speak it. The litteral translation would be “those who speak from within this

The thing under the bed

Donald shut down the door of his room and threw his wallet against the big mirror. Who could still believe in universal harmony when everything that could go wrong, went wrong? It was Friday at 11:30PM. Three hours ago he was arriving to Las Vegas for his first time. Three hours ago Valerie was

Mutilated mouth

“A ventriloquist dummy! A fucking ventriloquist dummy!” Donald hated those puppets! They have always been a source of repulsion rather than entertainment. He hated everything about those dummies: their oversized eyes, their eternal rosy cheeks, their ridiculous hairstyles, and their

A clumsy bunch of green butterflies

Back in his hotel room Donald noticed that the light of the hotel phone was blinking. Maybe Valerie left a message? Somehow he was hoping that she’d change her mind and show a bit of pity for him. He picked up the receiver and followed the instructions to check the voice mail. There was no